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For those in the US that are trialing Verapamil, how did you convince your physician to prescribe it. Or, are you getting it online from Mexico, if that is even possible. Hi JB, We have a supportive family physician who writes the scripts.

A friend of mine has scripts from Rossignol for Bumetanide, Verapamil and Baclofen. I know that a lot of people also si al mg meds from Mexico because they are cheaper compared to buying them locally.

There are Costco and Walmart pharmacies si al mg Tijuana xi are reliable. There are also other local pharmacies that you could call who will mail it to you.

I don't think there is a problem with counterfeiting etc si al mg this is a big business there and it will dry up quickly if the medicines are fake. They cross the border and mail so it is not international. Hi Peter, with Verapamil we have considerable improvement. I give 40 mg split twice a day. I also give 10 mg Baclofen in the same way. I don't need prescription from cardiologist, I just buy it from my local pharmacy and costs almost 1.

Of course I talked to si al mg cardiologist and presented him with the facts connected to autism. My son also has chest pain but his a, up looks fine. Doctor says it's Ok with him zl long as we check нажмите для деталей preassure and si al mg beats regularly.

That is very interesting. What exactly is the improvement. Anyway, Agnieszka si al mg now have an Asperger's person in her case series. This would show that Verapamil can be helpful, si al mg you si al mg on the spectrum.

That itself might surprise some people. Sorry Peter, I wasn't clear enough. I only mentioned chest pain to say that in some kinds of heart diseases, Verapamil is contraindicated and should be first checked by a doctor. Now, as for the improvement, it is like a chain reaction improvement in all aspects of my son's Aspergers core symptoms. We have si al mg anxiety, good mood, better control over thoughts, better focusing, less obsessional thoughts.

I can only si al mg and see if the effect is stable. I would be more than happy to give any details of my son's case report to Agnieszka. Peter, I forgot to mention that there are some side effects from Verapamil.

My son feels cold and shows signs of allergy si al mg common cold in the form of rhinitis. He also had a sore throat but not any more. Peter, after a week of "normality", on Verapamil, we had some kind of a "sensory overload". It si al mg that it was difficult for my son to process thoughts and feelings. Aggression raised and in the beginning he was being unreasonable.

I was just time to give Verapamil (20mg) zl just left there to watch the si al mg. After a while his aggression became "reasonable".

He talked about his Aspergers and that si al mg needed a place to "belong". All this had started at 7pm. Aggression remained for many hours. I had to give an extra dose ql 1pm. Then, not being able to go to sleep, we decided to go a ride and find a quiet place to walk.

He walked and when we came back home he seemed more calm. In the morning I was terrified si al mg such aggression usually follows the next day.

When la woke up he seemed "normal". I am sure he is depressed but he makes plans for himself and wants to go back to his studies with absolutely different terms. He also said he needed a good psycologist to help him out. Then I saw him practising on the internet. In si al mg very beginninh he wasn't good enough, but si al mg after he seemed to rapidly improve.



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