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By signing up источник статьи E-Bill, we will no longer send you a monthly paper statement. Femhrt (Norethindrone Ethinyl Multum of the information pertaining to your monthly bill will be emailed to the email address you provide.

You may also call Finance Customer Service at (352) 750-0000. Please click the header of this announcement for more Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA. Under a prior IPO, the District retained Kimley-Horn to prepare design recommendations, permit plans and applications for repair procedures for the shoreline stabilization. Those recommendations are contained in the Kimley-Horn report titled "Morse Boulevard Lake Sumter Slope Stability Analysis", dated July 11, 2016.

Subsequent to that assignment, in 2019 Kimley-Horn prepared a design update to consider a new stabilization option, as нажмите чтобы узнать больше below.

The District endorsed that option (generally known as the "Geotextile Option"). Under this Agreement, Kimley-Horn will update the prior Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA plans and permits, update regulatory permits as necessary, and assist with bidding and construction phase support services includingConstruction Plans and Permitting - Kimley-Horn will update the previously prepared construction plans, which considered a different stabilization option.

The previous plans were completed to "Permit Set" status. Further development of the plans is needed for bidding and construction. Bidding and Construction Phase Services - Kimley-Horn will provide bidding and construction phase support for the Project.

Morse Boulevard Lake Sumter Island Slope Stability AnalysisMorse Boulevard Lake Sumter Island Slope Stability AnalysisOn Monday, August 1, 2016 the Project Wide Advisory Committee (PWAC) held a meeting that included a presentation and review of a Slope Stability Приведенная ссылка performed by Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

The goal and objective of the analysis was to hault Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA prevent further erosion along the perimeter of the embankment during average conditions, and offer engineered options that were перейти на страницу pleasing that require minimal maintenance.

The analysis did not include the Morse Boulevard bridge over Lake Sumter, and there is no evidence of issues with the structure. The review included work performed by a sub-contracted geo-technical engineering firm who conducted extensive soil borings to thoroughly evaluate the slope of the island based on previous sloughing that occurred. Their findings concluded that the existing slope exceeded the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) minimum factor of safety for permanent slopes.

KHA Engineers in attendance at the meeting presented three options to the PWAC to mitigate further erosion on the island embankment:1. Rock Revetment structure fill and plantingsa. Living shoreline with a toe protection breakwater structurea. Placement of additional coarse sediment fill with native plantingsa. Based on the review and information provided, and audience input, the Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше directed staff to work with KHA to develop information to proceed with a rock revetment, option 1.

Additional information will be presented at a future meeting. The full Slope Stability Analysis is available by clicking the header of this announcement. Sharps Disposal ProgramThe Sumter County Department of Health offers a sharps disposal program for residents of Sumter County. This program was designed as a community service to assist the residents of Sumter County with a safe and environmentally sound method for disposing of used needles or sharps.

All sharps must be delivered in an approved sharps container. For additional information on this program or the cost of the containers, please contact or visit one of the following locations:The Villages:8015 East C-466(352) 689-4675Wildwood:104 Rutland Steet(352) 689-6520Bushnell:415 East Noble Avenue(352) 569-3102For additional information, please visit the Sumter County Department of Health website or contact them at (352) 569-3131.

What Happens When I Call 9-1-1 in The Villages. It is больше на странице important that all residents Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA aware of what to do in an emergency.

Please click on the header of this announcement to view information from The Villages Public Safety Department on what happens when you call 9-1-1 in The Villages. Information Provided by Sumter County Sheriff's OfficeInformation Provided by Sumter County Sheriff's OfficePlease click on the header of this announcement to learn Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA tips to secure your home and what to do if you Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA your house has been burglarized.

Wildlife InformationWildlife InformationPlease help the wildlife by keeping them wild. Feeding wildlife can do more harm than good for both people and Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA. Wildlife can adapt to Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA on golf courses and neighborhoods when its natural habitat is developed. Feeding wildlife may cause them to become dependent on handouts and lose their natural fear of people, causing injury to people on Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA occasions.

Please click on the header of this announcement for additional information. Due to the steepness of the water basin banks, we ask that you stay on the golf course side margin of the red or yellow hazard stakes. We encourage по ссылке golfer to put safety first as it would be very easy to slip and fall due to the current low water level. Parking in Unauthorized AreasCommunity Watch and local law enforcement officials have teamed up in a safety initiative to prevent golf carts and other vehicles from driving and parking on our sidewalks and other unauthorized areas.

Not only is it in violation of District Rules, but driving and parking on the sidewalks is also extremely dangerous for our residents and guests enjoying a casual stroll through the community. Have you жмите сюда the traffic cones that have been placed along Oxybutynin Transdermal (Oxytrol)- FDA sidewalks at handicapped access points on the squares. The cones were placed there originally to discourage vehicles from parking on our sidewalks.

In the first phase of our initiative, Community Watch began removing the existing traffic cones. The warnings reference District Rules and are designed to educate vehicle operators of their parking infractions. Community Watch partnered with law enforcement in the second phase of the initiative to attempt to identify and notify owners of vehicles parked in violation of the District Rules.

Owners are given the opportunity to move their vehicles. As a last resort, drivers of vehicles repeatedly parked in violation of the District Rules may be prohibited access to any District property.



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