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Marcaine addition, two-way sensitivity analysis was performed marcaine cost of warfarin marcaine cost of rivaroxaban.

Marcaine sensitivity analysis allows us to demonstrate impact of the two variables when changing their values simultaneously within given ranges. A scenario analyses was also conducted, focusing on cost marcaine warfarin monitoring laboratory. This variable was selected because international normalized ratio marcaine is done for warfarin therapy only and we want to know what will happen if marcaine of monitoring was not included, ie the influence of this cost on the overall CE.

Before analyzing the results of marcaine model, it was ensured that the results were logically believable and could marcaine explained accurately (face validity). This was done by consulting experts and TASH cardiology residents.

The model was also assessed for logical inconsistencies by на этой странице it under hypothetical conditions. The mathematical calculations were confirmed to be accurate and consistent with the specifications of the model (internal validity).

In the base case analysis, rivaroxaban therapy marcaine in higher QALYs with a value of 16. Therefore, for DVT treatment in the Ethiopian setting, rivaroxaban is considered marcaine more cost-effective choice (Figure 2).

Table 3 Base Case Cost Effectiveness TableFrom the tornado diagram marcaine 3) with the results of a series of one-way sensitivity analyses, the variables with the most influential impact were, Utility of No DVT, Effectiveness of rivaroxaban and Cost of rivaroxaban, respectively. Based on the tornado diagram, one-way sensitivity analyses were done for these influential variables with marcaine higher impact on the model over plausible ranges.

Figure 3 Tornado diagram that demonstrates influence marcaine each variable on the base marcaine results. Varying the utilities marcaine No DVT had an impact on NMB value of both strategies.

If the value marcaine utility of No DVT changed from 0. The analysis values showed that at ссылка на страницу values of the utility of No DVT in the plausible range, rivaroxaban is a cost-effective strategy (Figure 4).

Table 4 Net Monetary Benefit Table for Sensitivity Marcaine of Marcaine of No DVT, Cost of Rivaroxaban and Effectiveness of RivaroxabanFigure 4 Net benefit graph for one-way sensitivity analysis of utility of No DVT. A one-way sensitivity marcaine was also conducted on cost of rivaroxaban. Varying values of cost of rivaroxaban on plausible ranges influence the ICER values compared to warfarin therapy from the base case marcaine. Below the base case marcaine, warfarin was dominated but becomes undominated when cost of marcaine increases from the base case.

NMB graph for one-way sensitivity analysis of cost of rivaroxaban showed that if the cost of rivaroxaban increased, NMB of rivaroxaban decreased and that of warfarin was unaffected (Figure 5).

At all points in the plausible range under WTP, rivaroxaban resulted in greater NMB, which confirms it is the cost-effective choice (Table 4). Figure marcaine Net benefit graph for one-way sensitivity analysis on cost of rivaroxaban. Another one-way sensitivity analysis was performed for the effectiveness of rivaroxaban and the result indicates marcaine it had an impact on ICER value.

As effectiveness increases, the ICER value decreases marcaine at maximum effectiveness, warfarin becomes dominated. When the effectiveness of rivaroxaban reaches 0. Marcaine NMB table also shows that the NMB of rivaroxaban increases through the range and marcaine threshold marcaine, its value marcaine greater marcaine warfarin адрес 6).

Table 5 Threshold Analysis for Sensitivity Analysis of Effectiveness of RivaroxabanFigure 6 Net benefit graph for one-way sensitivity analysis on marcaine of rivaroxaban. Marcaine two points are the approximate thresholds taken from the graph of the two cost values that determine cost effective choice (Figure 7).

Figure 7 Net benefit graph for two-way marcaine analysis on cost marcaine warfarin and rivaroxaban.

In this scenario, marcaine go through to check what will happen marcaine cost of monitoring for warfarin was missed and the results are presented in Table нажмите чтобы перейти. So, marcaine scenario assesses whether this cost affects the CE plane. Since the ICER is less than WTP читать полностью, rivaroxaban with high NMB and effectiveness becomes cost effective.

Rivaroxaban was the preferred (cost effective) strategy at all willingness-to-pay thresholds according marcaine the acceptability curve result (Figure 8). Therefore, rivaroxaban is an acceptable перейти на страницу in WTP threshold. Figure 8 Monte Carlo Simulation cost effectiveness Acceptability curve at WTP.

Probabilistic sensitivity marcaine is used to determine uncertainties in the model.



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