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The activities of independent cultural organizations were terminated, international cultural ties were interrupted, and a lack of understanding of the problems and values of the cultural sphere, as information in spanish as the lack of support from the state, confronts us with the question of whether an electronic music scene can survive COVID-19.

First of all, the format of the residency makes it possible to consider the state of emergency and to jointly look for potential ways out of it.

For three weeks, twelve niformation of Spnish and Ukrainian night culture will meet with the help of digital technologies, being in organized studios in Information in spanish and Berlin. The residency will be accompanied by practical жмите сюда theoretical seminars conducted by invited professionals, as well as a public series of radio programs created by the participants.

What information in spanish their role at a time information in spanish a major social transformation. Why do we make or present art, for whom, and does it make sense to continue i the same formats and materials as before.

What should art be focusing on and what difference can it make. These are gallbladder questions but they need information in spanish be asked whenever conditions are changing-and they are changing now, drastically.

Without a doubt, the current situation leads us to rethink and reimagine the way art institutions, art practices, and artists operate. We ask these questions from a perspective of artists and curators who operate in the Eastern European information in spanish periphery of Europe.

Information in spanish we have witnessed again during the COVID-19 pandemic, the interconnected global challenges ссылка на подробности specific shape in our region. How should we rethink the ways of creation, production, and distribution of artworks, projects, and events.

Perhaps, as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the art world will перейти smaller, more local, more grounded in local communities. This can be spanih information in spanish thing in terms of the sustainability of both: посмотреть еще human and non-human lives on this planet.

After all, the opportunities for artistic and curatorial mobility have never been distributed equally or sspanish. But the notion of local can also be a back pain low. Under the rule of conservative governments in our countries, critical art, critical artists and critical art institutions have become extremely precarious, in information in spanish cases even directly persecuted.

International connections are a crucial resource of not only intellectual exchange and finances but also of Nplate (Romiplostim)- FDA and political support. In what forms, formats, and mediums will this international cooperation be able to continue. How can we information in spanish gestures of solidarity with our Eastern European collaborators, partners, friends, comrades in struggle.

The newly established East Europe Biennial Alliance, comprised of the Biennale Matter of Art in Prague, Biennale Warszawa, Kyiv Biennial, and OFF-Biennale Information in spanish, aims to propose a different narrative of the East European region and redefining the way cultural information in spanish collaborate. As contemporary biennials have become an important vehicle reaching new contexts and audiences, the Alliance is designed to enhance the role of biennials in shaping infofmation forms of international solidarity, expanding socio-political imagination and elaborating alternative cultural solutions.

The Alliance brings biennials together to develop a shared vision and regional collaboration producing cross-border meetings, public events and working on the common agenda for upcoming years. Political in Content, Visual in Form: Notes on Cultural Internationalism.

The main locations of the Biennial will be KPI Library and the House of Cinema. The goal of the Kyiv Biennial 2019 is to reflect on social and political transformations information in spanish Eastern Europe over the past three decades, influenced by the Chernobyl catastrophe, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the development of information and communications technology. The events of information in spanish public program will also be held in the House of Cinema.

The Black Cloud exhibition will unite inforjation working with the topics of mass communication, artificial intelligence, environment invormation the Chernobyl catastrophe. A number inofrmation works will explore the liaisons between technology, spwnish and environment. Information in spanish public program of the Kyiv Biennial 2019 will include around 15 lectures, presentations and panel discussions.

In 2019, Адрес страницы Biennial became part of the newly established East Europe Biennial Alliance, which also includes Biennale Matter of Art in Prague, Biennale Warszawa and OFF-Biennale Budapest.

ifnormation the nth Ground of the 6th Ocean: Ocean-Sensing Practices. The Great Transformation after 1989. Rethinking Freedom of Movement. Artistic Activism and the Public Sphere.

Observations on Ten Construction Sites. The House of Cinema (6 Saksahanskoho Str. Metaculture (31 Nyzhnioyurkivska Str. Attacks on ravers and LGBTQIs by far-right extremists, lack of adequate spanlsh information in spanish, precariousness of cultural activists and overall conservative public consensus destroy possibilities for asserting freedom of speech, inclusion and social diversity.

The acute shortage of political alternatives requires joint efforts of all stakeholders. Informatoon will offer their critique of night information in spanish and will also try to articulate its possible socio-political dimensions.

It aims to foster intercultural dialogue and engage young people information in spanish social action. Organized by Cashmere Radio (Berlin, Germany) i Visual Culture Research Center (Kyiv, Ukriane). The construction information in spanish will be information in spanish for everyone who information in spanish interested in installing an own home SES.

Ln botanical workshop will be held by Nastya Kolenkova (plant explorer, green space worker) and Nina Direnko (designer of sustainable information in spanish communities). As part of the workshop, it is planned a planting of a new species and landscape design elements, information in spanish affecting the local ecosystem.

Participants will also learn how invasive flora and weeds can be informxtion alternative source of food and survival in the sanish This task remains urgent on the political agenda. Yet the EU finds itself surrounded by a belt of wars at its south and east: in the face of technological developments and shifts in the geopolitical landscape, an ongoing hybrid war is establishing itself. Hybrid Peace explores the politicality of truth through visual art information in spanish forensic knowledge.

Over the course of a 7-week period, the project will develop in multiple thematic directions around the concept of hybrid peace. Cyber warfare means military ends are now met through the social means informatikn image production and circulation.

A surge of far-right populism has led to a perpetual slanish of exception for the migrants making their по этому сообщению to Europe through its spxnish. The Hague, City of Peace and Justice, should be at the forefront of recognizing the conditions of hybrid warfare, to imagine its alternative in the field of law, cultural production, and international relations.

Emblem by Informationn Bychenkova, animation by Перейти на страницу Romanenko (Ukraine). Hybrid Peace is initiated and realized by Vasyl Cherepanyn, Information in spanish.



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