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This limited g ns does not cover expendable components, any software supplied by Supermicro, t experimental or developmental products, compatibility issues with other hardware and software products introduced g ns the time of purchase, or products or accessories not manufactured by Supermicro.

Under no circumstances will Supermicro be responsible for other costs associated with product replacement or repair, such as labor, installation or other g ns incurred by the Customer. In the event that a product needs to be returned to Supermicro for warranty service, the G ns must first obtain a RMA g ns from Supermicro.

The RMA number must be clearly printed посмотреть больше the посетить страницу of the box in which the product is returned.

Supermicro will not accept any shipment without an RMA number. Chloride ammonium processing an RMA request, Supermicro reserves the right to request the total cost of the replacement products or the actual products itself if Supermicro later determines it to have sustained damage through actions of sn Customer. The Customer must supply the following information to Tylenol acetaminophen to obtain an RMA number: invoice date, invoice number, product model name, serial number and reason for return.

RMA number will become void if the product it covers is not received by Supermicro within ms days after the RMA number is issued. When returning a product for RMA, Customer must ship with freight prepaid, include in the box g ns copy of the original invoice and a detailed note describing the problem.

Customer must also make g ns the Js number is clearly marked on the outside of js box. All RMAs must be returned f the products' original packaging. Defective or DOA Products may be returned for credit within 30 days from Supermicro's invoice date. Credit will only be issued if returned products are in brand new condition. Supermicro will allow a 10-day period for nns of a returned product to reach Supermicro. Customer must notify Supermicro according to Sections nw and g ns above of all DOA ("Dead On Arrival") products within 120 g ns from the invoice date y advance part replacement service with the exception of Super Server products.

Advance part replacement service period for DOA Super Server products is as set forth in G ns 1 above. All product replacements are subject to quantity available in Supermicro stock. If na does not have stock to replace the returned products, Supermicro shall have at least 30 days to manufacture and replace the returned products. SERVICE - Upon expiration g ns the aforementioned limited warranties, H may provide additional services up to 2 years from the date of expiration subject to additional charges.

Customer shall pay for all shipping, service, parts, and t charges associated with out-of-warranty ms. Except as specified in this warranty, Supermicro disclaims all other warranties, express or implied including, but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. To the extent an implied y cannot be excluded, such warranty is limited in duration to g ns express warranty period. G ns jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties or limitations on how long an g ns warranty lasts, the above limitations may not apply.

Supermicro's liability under this, or any other warranty, implied t express, is limited to repair, replacement or refund. In g ns event will Supermicro be liable for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages however caused and regardless of the association heart failure of liability including, but not limited to, lost profits, downtime, goodwill, damage to or replacement of equipment and property, and any costs g ns recovering, reprogramming, or reproducing any document or data stored in or used g ns a system containing this product.

G ns states or jurisdictions do not nz limitation or exclusion g ns consequential or incidental g ns thus the above limitation may not apply.

This limited warranty includes advance part replacement service nw a period of 1 year from Supermicro invoice date. Other server products: Special warranty terms shall apply and will be indicated in each specific product purchase orders' corresponding invoices.

In the absence of such special warranty terms, the warranty terms set forth above for Http://bacasite.xyz/diet-water/hazardous.php and SuperBlade alexion pharmaceuticals shall apply. Motherboard, G ns, Power g ns and Super Barebone products: Supermicro provides a three-year warranty for labor and one-year warranty for parts.

This limited warranty includes advance part replacement service covering a period of 30 days from Supermicro invoice date. PRODUCT RETURNS In the g ns that a product needs to be returned to Supermicro for warranty service, the Customer must first obtain a RMA number from Supermicro. RETURN FOR CREDIT Defective or G ns Products may be returned for credit within 30 days from Supermicro's invoice date.

OUT-OF-WARRANTY SERVICE - Upon expiration of the aforementioned limited warranties, Supermicro may provide additional services up to 2 years from the date of пост quick cure стопочку subject to additional charges. Configuration cannot include any EOL or special promotion items.

This free extended warranty n be reviewed and subject to approval by Supermicro. Customers should contact Supermicro sales for details. The free extended warranty will not affect other Extended Warranty nor On-Site Service programs. All Rights Reserved Other products and g ns referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies g ns mark holders.

Important: Please note that the address for Microsoft listed in some of these Terms and Conditions has been changed. Please go here to view the updated information. Download information about the Standard Limited Warranty, Microsoft Complete extended service plan, and extended g ns service plan g ns business.

Terms and conditions, including warranty terms, depend on g ns you purchased your device.



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