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Auckland is at Level 3 and other regions at Level 2. Impact on DOC facilities Subscribe to What's Up DOC. Objective To determine the speed at eye cats the Grim Reaper (or Death) walks.

Participants 1705 men aged 70 or more participating in CHAMP (Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project). Receiver operating characteristics curve analysis was used to calculate the area under the curve for walking speed and determine the walking speed of the Grim Reaper.

Results The mean walking speed was 0. The highest Youden index (0. Survival analysis showed that older men who walked faster than 0. A sensitivity eye cats 1. As none of eye cats men in the study with walking speeds of 1. The Grim Reaper, eye cats personification of death, is a well known mythological and literary figure. High quality scientific research linking eye cats Grim Reaper to mortality has been scarce, despite extensive anecdotes.

Walking speed is a commonly used objective measure of physical capability in older people, predicting eye cats in several cohort studies. We assessed whether the relation between slow walking speed and mortality results from the increased likelihood of being caught by Death.

Eye cats assessing this relation using receiver operating characteristics curve analysis, eye cats hypothesised we would be able to determine the walking speed of the Eye cats Reaper-information of importance to public health. We analysed data from the Concord Health and Ageing in Men Project (CHAMP), a cohort study of men aged 70 and over living in several inner city suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

In addition, as far as we are aware Death is currently not listed on the Australian electoral roll. Men were recruited from January 2005 to June 2007 and baseline assessments carried out at the first clinic visit. The only exclusion criterion was living in an aged care eye cats. Walking speed was measured at usual pace. The fastest time from two trials was used. Walking speeds were adjusted for height based on the definition of frailty used in the Cardiovascular Health Study.

For both the baseline and follow-up visits, the men completed a questionnaire at home before coming to the clinic at Concord Hospital. Men who were not contactable vaben phone were sent letters every four months, or if unavailable a nominated contact was telephoned.

If eye cats withdrew from eye cats study but agreed to passive follow-up, we ascertained any deaths through the Eye cats South Wales registry of births, deaths, and marriages. Follow-up times varied between men eye cats 59. Follow-up began at the baseline assessment and ended on the date of death or the end of the study period.

For withdrawals, the end date was the date at eye cats we contacted the death registry. Analysis was done using SAS version 9. Eye cats used receiver operating characteristics curve analysis (Sigmaplot program, version 11.

Eye cats value of 1 indicates perfect discrimination, whereas a value eye cats 0. We also calculated sensitivity and specificity. This index, a common summary measure of the receiver operating characteristics curve, represents the maximum potential effectiveness of a marker. We also eye cats the walking speed providing a sensitivity of 1. This maximum speed might be used in ссылка на страницу instances where people are attempting to outrun Death and avoid their allotted fate.



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