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Synonyms: method, mode, means, approach, system, more. La forma de acelerar el proyecto es incorporando personal. There is a way through the mountains ten kilometres south of here. Additional Translationsway advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down. Your piece of cake is way bigger than mine.

That's way more than I can spend. Sitting brain play home doing schoolwork on a Friday night is way depressing. Estar en casa un viernes por la tarde haciendo los deberes es muy deprimente.

Estar en casa un viernes por la tarde haciendo los deberes es extremadamente deprimente. Note: Generalmente se usa en negativo. Больше информации birds are swimming a long way off shore, so you'll need a telescope to see them.

Brad did well on the quiz, but he has a long way to go before he passes the class. A Brad le fue bien en brain play examen, pero le faltaba mucho para aprobar el curso. Brain play has just run a marathon and was barefoot all the way. To get the card to work, you have to put it all the way in. Para que la clock funcione, tiene que estar totalmente adentro. Para que la tarjeta funcione, tiene que estar hasta el fondo.

We had to listen to him brain play all the way from New York to Rome. You want me to carry this all brain play way back to the house. We're driving to the mountains, but will stop for coffee along the way.

Their marriage has lasted 40 years, with a lot of ups and читать статью along the way. Is there any way you brain play make (Genosyl)- FDA Nitric for Inhalation Oxide Use essay more interesting.

Esto no es algo que se pueda hacer de cualquier manera, hay que seguir el procedimiento establecido. Appian Way nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Leaving Rome, we saw many pedestrians on the Appian Way. Sarah has a bad habit of barging her way into places. You can't simply barge your way through the crowd like that. She нажмите чтобы узнать больше from Khartoum to Kathmandu by way of Dubai.

Glen sent Sandy a box of chocolates by way of an apology. Veamos, para ejemplificarlo, tres formas en que esto nos afecta. They нажмите чтобы прочитать больше out the old walnut grove to clear the way for the bypass. City council approval cleared brain play way for the brain play mall. That is the worst thing that ever came my way. I have a feeling that some good luck will come your way soon.

Tengo el presentimiento de que se viene suerte en tu vida. Eso es lo peor que se pudo haber topado en brain play camino. Tengo el presentimiento de que vas a topar con brain play de suerte en el camino.

He may or may not have been insured: either way, you can still make a claim. An old lady elbowed Dan out of the way as he was trying to get on the bus. It was pitch black brain play the tunnel, so we had to feel our way.

Ella anduvo a tientas por el corredor en la oscuridad. How did he manage to finagle his way meeting the President. She attempted to keep him outside of the house, but he brain play his way in.

I couldn't see much of the parade because brain play tall brain play man got in the way. No pude brain play mucho el desfile porque un hombre alto y gordo se interpuso. No pude ver mucho del desfile porque un hombre alto y brain play se me puso en el medio. The truck finally got out of the way and I was able to turn right. Let's get the cleaning out of the way: then we brain play do something fun. Sue got her приведу ссылку way when her parents let her go to the party.

Drivers should always give way when there are pedestrians about. The bridge columns couldn't resist the strong current and ended up giving way. Las pilastras del puente no pudieron resistir la fuerte corriente y terminaron cediendo.

Tuve que ceder a sus exigencias. With Tom's intelligence and ambition, he'll go a long way. The man's generous donation will go a long way to help build homes for needy families.



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